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Cindy Chandler - Latest News
Cindy Chandler - Latest News
NC licensees - Take the correct Update!

The Genup is for provisional brokers and non BIC and non BIC-eligible brokers.

The BICUP is for Brokers in Charge and BIC eligible brokers (per your Commission record)

Don’t forget!

NC licensees, renew your license before 6/30 and finish all of your continuing education no later than June 10th!

NC licensees – Check your NCREC record

Go to

Follow login instructions

Check to see that you have c.e. credit, your contract info is current and your firm and BIC are correct.  You may also  sign up for electronic delivery of The Bulletin and mark some of your information as "confidential".

So Wazzup with NAR’s Code of Ethics requirement?

Effective 1/1/17, all Realtor® members must take a 2.5 hour Code of Ethics course every two years.  This requirement used to be every four years.  Sometime during the 22017 or 2018 calendar years every Realtor MUST take a class.  The deadline is 12/31/18.  If you took an ethics class in late 2016, that DOES NOT CARRY OVER.  The reporting period reset as of January 1, 2017.


You can go online and take an online class for free.  No c.e. credit.  You can take a c.e. class which counts for both.  Check with your c.e. sponsor for details.  Direct any questions to your local Realtor® association.